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  • LCL shipments refer to lcl ocean freight shipments that are transported in a shipping container alongside cargo from other shippers by sharing the space within the container. This type of shipment is called LCL shipment.
  • In simpler terms, the freight forwarder who has booked a full container invites goods or LCL shipments from different shippers and consolidates all goods into one container as a Fully Loaded Container – FCL.




  • Usually shippers do not have enough freight to fill one full container. It will be very expensive for the shipper to pay for the whole container and not use the available space.
  • That is why freight forwarders offer LCL and consolidate multiple shipments in one container. The LCL shipping facility allows shippers to move smaller shipments without paying for the whole container. Although lcl shipping rates will usually be more expensive per cubic meter compared to FCL (Full Container Load), it will usually be more cost-efficient for shipments up to 15 cm.




  • Before shipping LCL, you need to provide the dimensions and weight of your cargo to your freight forwarder. Documents and forms such as the Bill of Lading, commercial invoice, and cargo packing list must also be filled in and submitted.
  • Afterwards your cargo is picked up by your freight provider. After the cargo arrives at port, it is shipped to the destination port.
  • From the destination port, the freight forwarder’s destination agent collects the container and transports it to a warehouse or directly to you.




  • At Rexxport, we are experts in moving LCL cargo and offer weekly import and export consolidation services to and from all major ports throughout the world.
  • Our wide network enables customers to enjoy multiple sailings, best in class pickup and origin handling solution for its LCL customers.
  • Either it is a multi-point pickup or door-to-door delivery, Rexxport ensures all kinds of customized supply chain solution with end to end shipment visibility.

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